How to Be an Ocean Explorer

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Want to explore the hidden treasures of the deep sea? Come on board the EV Nautilus, a research ship that searches the seafloor with the help of robot submarines! Our guide is Taylorann Smith, who’s on her third trip on the ship! We’ll witness a whalefall, meet the submarines, and learn how Taylorann discovered what it really means to be a marine biologist.

Want more? You can visit the Nautilus from home! Join Taylorann and the Nautilus team on live deep sea exploration expeditions online at Check out their exciting animal discovery videos, fun try-at-home activities, and explorer career features to envision yourself as a future ocean explorer!

Taylorann has an amazing story of how she found her way to the Nautilus. Hear it on our bonus interview episode, when you pledge $1 or more a month on Patreon!

We’ll have more links and our favorite Nautilus materials on our website,

This episode was supported by The Ocean Exploration Trust with support from the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. Audio from the Whalefall is credited to Ocean Exploration Trust / NOAA ONMS.

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