Author Robert Matzen And I Talk His Latest Book..Warrior...Audrey Hepburn..Son Luca Calls Her A Badass...She Was AMAZING/.

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This is Robert's fourth time on the show and the fourth book we've discussed. His latest is Warrior...Audrey Hepburn is a great companion piece to Dutch Girl. Her son Luca called his mom a badass and wanted the world to know all the courageous and kind things she did as the Ambassador Of Unicef. She traveled war zones, met the starving populations of so many countries. During her final visit before she retired from Unicef she visited a place where ten people died in the time she was there. She watched a teen take his last breath. Throughout her years she was a force to be reckoned with. Fragile in size, but not in will, compassion and spirit. Yes, Audrey was more then a badass, she was a Warrior,

We also talk her movies after retirement, her marriages and her finally meeting her soulmate Robert Wolders (her Robbie)who was with Audrey every step of the way. She loved to laugh, have a drink and be in her beloved garden in Switzerland. She adored her sons. This book is a triumph to Audrey in every way. I loved her even more after reading this book.

Thanks so much to Robert for coming on the show again. You are so FAB!

Mostly, thanks so much to all my listeners. You are all the BEST!

Love youse all,


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