Identity Series - 007 - Vine Dresser

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Who do you think you are? Are you really who you think you are? How do you know this is your true identity?
In this episode, we're looking at John 15. Extracting the truth Jesus is speaking about is related to who you are, what he has planned for your life, and why experiencing the truth of your identity will allow you to bear fruit.
We know that the branches that grow fruit will be pruned by the vinedresser, aka God. The branches that don't grow fruit will be cut off and burned in the fire. What good is a branch that doesn't produce fruit?
Christian reading this message and listening to this audio of my voice; I look forward to connecting with you to discuss your journey. I want to know what you're experiencing in your faith as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Find me on the bible app, search Cory Franek, and I will be happy to walk alongside you wherever you are. Find me also on Instagram and Facebook, @TrueIdentityPodcast.
Enjoy this episode.

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