Lamela's rabona and the best goals of 2021, Rafa Benitez’s downfall, VSPs for our national teams, and more listener questions

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It’s listener question time! On this episode, Taylor, Ryan, Graham, and Joe team up to answer your lovely inquires. From soccer wedding officiants to unqualified coaches, you can find the full list of questions that we answered down below:

1) The Premier League has decided to allow one amateur player per team, and we have each been selected. Which Premier League team would each of us choose to be added to in order to give us the best chance of scoring a Premier League goal?

2) What are our very specific predictions for our respective national teams in 2022?

3) What goal do we think was the goal of the year for 2021?

4) What's gone wrong for Rafa Benitez?

5) In honor is Ted Lasso, who are some of the most unqualified coaches in soccer history?

6) Which footballer, past or present, would we have wanted to officiate our weddings?

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