#136 Mushrooms, Magic & the Metaphysical w/ Luna Shimada

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Hey guys, we had a very cool ‘Enter-attainer’ on the podcast! 🎉 (Listen to the pod for deets!) We were so lucky to be able to talk to “THE” LUNA SHIMADA! ❤️ Her son, Adam, who is also in the Luna Shimada Magic Show, joined us as well and shared about his band, “Dead Shot”, teaching us about the genre Trap Punk. (Follow him on Instagram @KillEmDeadShot.) 🔥 Luna discussed her Dad, how she got into magic, and her beliefs on mushrooms and metaphysics. This was a fantastic conversation! Wendy was left believing again in magic and wanting to revisit her fascination with metaphysical topics. Thank you so much for watching on YouTube and listening on your favorite audio platform! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! ❤️

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