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Brand new episode from Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios! 🎉 This week we sat down in our Boise Studio with Comedian Brittany Hargis and had a great talk about how long she’s been in stand-up, what brought her to Boise and what the heck is going on with those hands of hers! 🤣 😳 We got to share several laughs about the Open Mic at the Lounge (LoungeBoise.com) that we attended where Brittany went up and made an Amber Alert joke, directing it towards Chris. We also went LIVE on Instagram and ended up meeting her brother when he joined the livestream, which was really cool, and she shared a bit about her family. As usually goes with these, we were only able to scratch the surface on what makes Brittany Hargis tick and we hope to have her on the podcast again to delve deeper into that mind of hers! Check out her shows and follow her at @brittany.haha. Thank you so much for listening, watching on YouTube, sharing and telling your friends. It helps us a lot and we are grateful. ❤

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