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Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studio presents a brand new episode and this time, we had Tilly the Comic in studio! 🎉 We were live on Facebook in our new Boise studio and had a great time getting to know Tilly. We discussed how she says she’s a ‘short person with a short waist and her crotch is like an easy bake oven’, how she got the stripper name “Pabst Nacho” and how she worked in bars and restaurants for 30 years. If you haven’t seen her early pandemic cooking videos, these are a must see and can be found on YouTube; just search Tilly the Comic, and then SUBSCRIBE so she’ll do more! We hit a lot of subjects including becoming a mom at 37 years old, but the one Wendy was especially excited about was that Tilly helped open a bar in Wendy’s home town: Juneau, Alaska! It’s always so cool to meet people that know and understand Juneau, because it’s a special place and Tilly and Wendy get to reminisce a bit. Please make sure you go follow Tilly on all social media and if you’re in town, go to one of the shows that she’s on! 🔥 Thank you so much for listening, watching on YouTube, subscribing and doing all of the things that helps us succeed. We are so grateful to you, our audience. Without you, we’re nothing, so THANK YOU! ❤️

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