#113 Grand Opening of our New Studio

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February 23rd, 2022 we had our Boise Studio Grand Opening and what an amazing time! We started off the evening podcasting with Comedians Nate Ford and Tanya Cope. (Watch the full video here to see the eventual mayhem!) Chris and Nate take a shot of Jägermeister to begin the festivities and over the next couple of hours, many more comedians appear. Jake Martin took a seat in the studio next, followed by Jeremy Nelson, Sara Raffaella and Mirena Wool. We had the live feed going on Facebook, with our video camera set up in the hall to accommodate everyone. We had drinks and shots available, a bucket of treats to share and then Tilly the Comic appeared with a bag of homemade cookies! They were super delicious and although it’s against podcasting ‘rules’, we all ate, talked at the same time and had a blast! And then, towards the end of the evening we had our own Nipple Gate with the amazing Tanya Cope baring it all in an accidental, only for Wendy’s eyes moment. The problem was that Wendy was recording a video to Instagram (of Tanya) at the time and Tanya was standing right in front of the Facebook Live feed as well, delivering a “Nip Seen Round the World’ epic occasion for those watching. We ended the evening heading over to The Eastside Tavern meeting up with Nate, Tanya and Jake, watching musical performers and a little bit of standup. It was a great evening, a perfect way to open our new studio to the public (and our friends) and we are so grateful to everyone that came out. Your support means the world to us and we’re grateful to have you all in our lives. Cheers to many more podcasts together!

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