#11 Love You, Mom. An Alzheimer's Story - Surgery?!

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Brand new episode! 🎉 Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios proudly presents Episode #11, “Surgery?!”, from LOVE YOU, MOM. AN ALZHEIMER’S STORY. In this episode, John finally takes a much deserved couple days off and Lucy has an accident. “Surgery?!” goes through the steps our team took to decide if Lucy needed surgery and what, if anything we would be able to do about aftercare while Covid remained a concern and her team dealt with the ever changing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Thank you so much for listening !❤ Thank you so much for sharing, telling your friends, commenting and subscribing! 🔥 If you’re interested in starting your own podcast, please contact us at gettoasted@toastedmarshmallowadventures.com. From set up to publishing, Toasted Marshmallow Adventures Studios does it all! 🙌🏻

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