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Tipp Today was live from Templemore this morning for our summer tour! Broadcasting live from the Templemore Arams hotel, Fran began with an update on the tragic Cloneen case, while Teresa gave her views on how the sad case showed how Covid has driven communities apart. We got the views from people in Templemore on the best bits, the worst bts and the future for Templemore! Cllr's Eddie Moran, Noel Coonan and Peggy Ryan spoke about some of the issues affecting the area, and Cuilann Loughnane from the local Whitefield brewery spoke to us about having to change their name and surviving Covid. We heard the harrowing story from Bridget on her recent experience as a patient at UHL, David Cambrie from Templemore Community services center told more about the services they offer, author Sean O'Connor was live in studio to talk about his incredible book on dealing with dementia, its called "Fragmentation". Sgt Margaret Kelly was live in studio for this months Garda slot, Patrcia Moloughney from Templemore Community Development Association dropped in for a chat and we were blessed with a live musical performance from musicians from Our Ladys secondary school and Cill Shleibhe Comhaltas branch, its not to be missed!

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