40 - It's a Country Christmas

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In this episode, we'll look at some favorite Country Christmas Songs from our listeners and some other Christmas Podcast hosts. This episode is filled to the brim with music!
This episode's top 5 list comes from long time listener Liz Asphodel, and we'll find out what her 5 favorite Country Christmas songs are as I'll read out what these songs mean to her.

After that we'll hear no less than 12 songs that listeners, hosts, and I like. We'll close out the episode with another chapter of "The Christmas Carol" recorded from vinyl.

Liz's list:

5. It Must Have Been the Mistletoe (Barbara Mandrell 1983)
4. Blue Christmas Lights (Buck Owens and His Buckaroos 1965)
3. Happier Holidays (Sarah Morris 2018)
2. If We Make it Through December (Merle Haggard 1973)
1. Honky Tonk Christmas (Alan Jackson 1993)
Honorable Mention: Please, Daddy, Don't Get Drunk This Christmas (John Denver 1975)

Other Songs Featured:

Scott Leopold, Holly Jolly X'masu podcast:
Red Sovine - Billy's Christmas Wish (Faith In Santa)
B2 (Christmas With Red Sovine)

Gerry Davilla, Totally Rad Christmas podcast:
Willie Nelson - Pretty Paper
Kenny and Dolly - Winter Wonderland

Tim Babb, Can’t wait for Christmas podcast:
Kenny Rogers - Children, Go Where I Send Thee (feat. Home Free)

Alonso Duralde, author of Have yourself a movie little Christmas:
Tennessee Ernie Ford

Listener Brian McGlin:
Christmas in Dixie by Alabama

Todd Killian from Christmas Clatter podcast:
Merry Christmas From The Family by Montgomery Gentry

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