45: Carol of the Bells

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This month, Scott and Jay discuss the history of "Carol of the Bells".

Versions of the Song Featured in this Episode:

  1. The Tabernacle Choir
  2. The Crimean Chamber Choir (Shchedryk)
  3. Corey Lennox (Major Key)
  4. Fred Waring and His Pennsylvanians
  5. Roger Wagner Chorale
  6. Phil Spitalny's Hour of Charm
  7. Robert Shaw Chorale
  8. Southern Raised (Country)
  9. Dylan Johnson (Reggae)
  10. August Burns Red (Metal)
  11. Aubrey Logan (Scat Jazz)
  12. Skatune Network (Ska-Core)
  13. The Regulars Band (Kittystyle)
  14. PocketsUke (Kazookalele)
  15. Bethel University Department of Music (Handbell)
  16. Capital Kings (Dubstep)
  17. Nate Maelz & StickyBeats (Trap)
  18. Rush Coil (Chiptune)
  19. Lindsey Sterling (Violin)
  20. The Piano Guys
  21. John Williams (from Home Alone)
  22. Kenny Rogers
  23. Andra Day
  24. Straight No Chaser (Acapella)
  25. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

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