Episode 65: Space Jam (1996) and Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

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Season 5 is starting off and boy is Stu frustrated. Who knew always letting Jacob pick what movies set the tone for the rest of the year would be a bad thing? Either way, its time for Space Jam! While both seem to agree that the original doesn't tend to hold up in any regard, does that excuse the blatant IP festival happening in the new film? Is the acting of LeBron James any better than that of Michael Jordan? And what in the world happened to Witch Hazel? Also in this episode is slight talk on the newest to come from Marvel, identifying with Foghorn Leghorn, Warner Brothers and their odd voice talent policies, and deliberation on when Granny got so unfunny. All this and more on They Remade It!

Plot Synopsis Timestamps: 27:00-37:00




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