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This month on the Voice of Texas Hunting podcast, Cody and Heath chatted for a few minutes about traditions. The Holidays are a great time to have traditions with your family. One Tradition that we want to bring people into is the tradition of hunting. Heath has been a host on an outdoor television show, Struttinbuck, for 16+ years and we talked through ideas on getting people involved in the outdoors.
TTHA is a known leader in the Texas hunting and outdoor world that is made up of members of all ages. Our mission is to promote, protect, and preserve Texas’ wildlife resources and hunting heritage for our future generations. We have the best members and In the Voice of Texas Hunting podcast, we want to take some time each episode to bring attention to that fact with our, Texas Trophy Hunter Member spotlight. And this month, we want to say a huge thank you to Chris Blood from Texas Hunter Products for taking a few minutes to chat with us about hunting, business, their brands involvement with Hunters Extravaganza and what he loves about being a member of TTHA!
Our podcast would not be what it is without our partnership with so many people but especially, Sig Sauer. As always, we are thankful for each and every member of Texas Trophy Hunters!

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