PlayStation Acquires Bluepoint Games Next Project Blooborne 2 l Far Cry 6 Review l Alan Wake Remastered Impressions

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This week on The Trophy Room: A PlayStation Podcast hosts Joseph and Kyle are talking about how PlayStation has finally acquired Bluepoint Games and are working on an "original project" its been leaked by Colin Moriarty of Sacred Symbols who suggests its rumored that Bluepoint will be either remastering, remake, or a sequel to the beloved ps4 classic Bloodborne. Sony's weird move to remove PayPal and credit card options from the PS3 and PSVita stores, rumors are swirling that Sly Cooper is making a comeback. Konami is believed to be bringing Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, and Silent Hill franchises back from the dead. Lastly, Joe gives his thoughts on Far Cry 6 Review as well as Kyle gushes about Alan Wake Remastered on PlayStation 5. How both games leverage the dualsense haptics and adaptive triggers with their gameplay and more!

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