TCP 059: The Future of Web3 Dining Is Here

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So, what are we cooking up on today’s show? We’ll be taking a look at some groundbreaking restaurant technology news that happened last week. Our special guests will discuss how they are rapidly changing the industry one bit and byte at a time. So, whether you’re a tech novice or an expert… heck, you don’t need to understand technology at all as there’s something for everyone on today’s show as it is a super interesting topic and might open your mind to new possibilities that, just last week, you didn’t think was a reality or did not think would happen for many years to come.

The company, Devour, is one brand focused on positively impacting restaurants and their fans. Their mission is to deliver web3 technology to delight guests, retain workers, and grow your brand. They are group of experienced restaurant technology professionals ready to change the web3 dining experience and guest engagement.

We are lucky to have two of the co-founders from Devour on today’s show:

The CEO and Co-Founder of Devour, Shelly Rupel brings 30-years of experience as a technology entrepreneur, strategic partnership leader and restaurant owner. Before Devour, she most recently was Sr Director of Strategic Partnerships at PAR technology. Overseeing teams that managed 150 Channel Partners and 200 Solution Integration Partners for the Brink POS division of PAR.

Chad Horn is also a co-founder of Devour, creating the fusion between restaurants and the blockchain. He’s on the team making crypto and NFTs easy, accessible, and fun for restaurants and their fans.

If you have been waiting for web3 to become a reality in the restaurant industry OR you thought it was a crazy idea and would never happen, it does not matter… this show is for both sides of that thought process.

So are you excited yet? I know I am! I wasn’t kidding when I said I would be their first customer in The Verse when it launches in a few months. Just the thought of being able to virtually being able to order your food and have it show up the door is so Ready Player One. You know what, I finally feel like this industry is no longer the ones playing catch up!

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Next Week’s Show

I will be taking next week off for a little “vacay” but will return with some new and exciting content on Tuesday, July 26th. I hope you are all having a fantastic summer and I can’t wait to chat with you again later this month. I have so many fun things planned for this show over the remainder of the year including a beloved celebrity chef which I am still keeping under wraps for right now!

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