The Tally-Ho Show! - EP: 17 [The Trick Or Trick (We've Ran Out Of Treats) Show]

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Originally Live: November 10th 2020

Who’s ready for a spoooooooky time? We sure are here at The Tally-Ho Show, as it’s our (belated) Halloween Special! And to help us celebrate this very creepy time, Andy & James are joined by not just one, but TWO very special guests: Kippi00 & SalemStowaway!

With the topics for this edition of the podcast we talk about our scariest gaming moments that we have experienced growing up, or during the present time of gaming, what movie/tv show tie in games are either red carpet material or sent to the cutting room floor, and the group go into a discussion about if randomizers are the future of gaming?

On top of the topics we have for this episode we’ve also got some really good tunes to play for you, as well the return of James’s Great Adventure as he takes part in a brand new adventure & goes into: The Deathtrap Dungeon

So head to your nearest witches cauldron and mix yourself a creepy brew & join us on these eerie shenanigans with the Halloween Special of The Tally-Ho Show!


00:57 The House of the Dead II - Theme of the Magician

03:38 MediEvil (2019) - Lucky Cup

01:11:54 40 Winks - Splish Splash City

01:16:55 Friday The 13th (NES) - Cabin Fever

01:49:00 Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Wizards & Lizards

01:51:04 Muppet Monster Adventure - Main Menu

02:33:13 Vector U - Zelda” Dark World (Vector U Remix)

02:38:19 TGH - Blizzard Island (REMASTERED)

03:28:03 Dark Souls - Bell Gargoyle

03:31:24 Maximo Ghosts to Glory - Graveyard of Ships Pt1

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