The Tally-Ho Show! - EP: 16 [The -I May have Miscalculated this...- Show]

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Originally Live: October 17th 2020

Who's ready for another action packed filled edition of The Tally-Ho Show?!?!...No one...oh...well...too bad, you are getting one anyway!

On Episode 16/Season 02 Episode 06 of the podcast Andy & James are joined by another good friend of theirs: Azmodan0588!

Not only do we have some interesting topics to discuss, some great tunes to play for you as well as continuing on with Andy's Great Adventure, but also this episode has officially broken the "Longest Episode" record, as it is over 4 hours long! So either you'll enjoy these 4 hours of random shenanigans, or you will probably have wasted 4 hours of your life...we think it's going to be the latter for you, but if you enjoy the episode instead then that's a plus for us!

Speaking of topics, on the show today we talk about how we think the PS5 & Xbox Series X are doing so far, what gaming items would we like to have in real life as well as what items would we not want to see also, and finally the lads talk about gaming stories, lore, theories & creepy-pastas.

So what are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and get ready to dive into yet another crazy filled adventure with Andy, James & Azmo right here on The Tally-Ho Show!


00:26 Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Concert 2019 - Phoenix Wright (Objection!)

04:24 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Everybody Falls

01:40:29 Sonic Heroes - Egg Fleet

01:45:14 Subnautica - Lift Off

02:12:41 Metropolis Street Racer - Holding On

02:16:03 Spider-Man (2000) - Catch Venom

02:51:02 Skies of Arcadia - Ramirez's Theme

02:52:51 Final Fantasy Tribute - Robo Voice

04:04:19 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Deep and Hard

04:07:58 Sonic & Knuckles - Credits Theme

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