Season 2 Finale George Floyd Gets Justice, Cops Kill 16 Year Old Girl, Mortal Kombat Review, Season 2 Wrap Up

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Mr. Styles & Prez back to end Season 2 with a Bang !!!!!!!! Finally The Season 2 Finale!!!!!

Sorry For The Sound Issues will be fixed Season 3

We Will Be Back May 12th

Ear to the Street

1. Derrick Chauvin convicted on all charges 2. 15 year old killed in Ohio (video) Lebron chimes in Trump calls him racist "His RACIST rants are divisive, nasty, insulting, and demeaning. He may be a great basketball player, but he is doing nothing to bring our Country together." 3. Black rob shock g die, Diddy to pay for funeral 4. Red and meth Verzuz 5. House approves bill make dc 51 state 6. Dr. Dre finally divorced 7. Levar burton set to guest jeopardy 8. Disney and Sony Sign Movie Licensing Deal That Will Bring 'Spider-Man' Films to Disney+ 9. R. Kelly associate pleads guilty to setting an accuser’s SUV on fire as an attempt to intimidate her. 10. Michael Keton confirmed to reprise role as batman in flash movie 11. Dave returning in June with season 2

Weed News With Smoke Gotti • Top 3 places wanna smoke • Top 3 people u wanna smoke wit • First time getting high • Favorite 420 moment • Verzuz red or meth This or that 1. Blunts or bongs 2. Green leaf or brown 3. Idica or Sativa 4. Bowl or bong 5. Pass to the left or right 6. How high or Friday 7. Wiz or snoop Top 10 Strains 1. Geolato 33 2. Squintz 3. Maracle alien cookies 4. Kosher kush 5. Grape nerds 6. Plat cookie 7. Slurricane 8. Glue cake 9. Gushers 10. Cereal milk 5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie Mk characters •

Question of the day :Some of your fav moments for season 2

Real Nigga Sports • Stef curry says he should be Mvp • Ad returns Lebron still out • Kobe don’t renew Nike deal • Tom brady say buy back rule dumb for jersey • Bret Farve says cop didn’t mean to kill Floyd but went to far • Raider under fire for I can breathe post • James Connor sign with Arizona • Jake Paul 1st round knock out x-Ufc fighter • Floy Logan Paul June 5 (I don’t know what these niggaz are saying !!! )

Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down


Closing statement Keep ya head up, you cant see shit looking down !!!!!

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