Lil Nas X Wear's Nikes Down Old Country Road To Hell, SpongeBob Panty Raid !! Mark Zuckerberg Racist??

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Mr.Styles, Prez, K-Dub Back To Business

Ear To The Streetz 1. Derick Chauvin trail starts & Derek Chauvin’s Attorney Claims George Floyd Died From A Drug Overdose & Persisting Health Issues 2. Lil Nas x song and shoes made by MSCHF ONLY 666, 1018 THAT number us a bible reference to satan falling out of heaven , human blood in shoe, Nike sues Nike Denies Involvement In Creation Of Lil Nas X’s ‘Satan Shoes 3.Video Shows Physical Altercation Between Quavo and Saweetie in Elevatormark Zuckerberg 4. Badazz Calls Mark Zuckerberg a 'Racist' After His Instagram Page Is Deleted Again for . Bpaying man $550 to Smack Him as Hard as He Can 5. Beyoncé’s Storage Units Reportedly Hit By Burglars, Over $1 Million In Goods Stolen 6. Verzuz' Teams Up With Peloton for New Musical Face-Off Workouts 7.NIPSEY HUSSLEESTATE SETTLES 'MARATHON' BEEF WITH CRIPS 8. CTE Co-Founder Kinky B Says Jeezy Lost His Street Cred After Making Up With Gucci Mane at Verzuz Battle. 9. Why These ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Episodes Were Taken Out of Rotation “Mid-Life (panty raid)Crustacean” or “Kwarantined 10. Pusha-T album done gotta meet wit ye ,12 songs Pharrell and Kayne produced 11. Spotify is the latest tech company to launch an audio chat room feature to compete against Clubhouse. Flavor Of The Week Red Velvet Cookies cannabis strain's high is powerful and brings feelings of pure glee to users. Relaxation also is present to tamper any overly frenzied sensations. Red Velvet Cookies cannabis strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint cut and (pic) THC: 15/23% CBD: 1/—% CBN: —/—% Indica / Sativa Ratio Sativa Dominant Hybrid (55% Sativa / 45% Indica WEED NEWS New York legalizes recreational marijuana, expunges former pot convictions Nebraska Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill Weed salad. A “salad” is when you mix and smoke up two or more different strains of cannabis blended together in the same bowl. • The blendo• Mendo blendo• Grower’s surprise• House party• Cuvee• Spring mix• Cornucopia• Jambalaya• Goulas• Gumbo One fancy industry person calls it her “estate blend.” KushKart delivery service makes Massachusetts debut after raising $3.5 million Blunts Of Kush (White Sitcoms) 1. Growing Pains 2. That 70s show 3. Married with children 4. Friends 5. Wings 6. Home improvement 7. Seinfield 8. Full house 9. Cheers 10. Golden girls 11. Roseanne 12. Frasier 13. Sex in the city 14. Everybody loves Raymond 15. Three's company 16. All in the family Question of The Day Is it a hypocrisy that the same company released the same shoe with Jesus on it and no back lash and Nike didn't sue , Release same shoe with Devil on it gets sued heavy backlash Wtf white people doing now New York Radio Host Fired After Racist Segment Comparing Famous Black Women's Skin Tones to Burnt Toast. Real Nigga Sports • Terrell Owens had a lot to be grateful for this weekend after seemingly walking away relatively unscathed from a nasty car wreck that left his whip totaled. • NFL Approves 17-Game Schedule for 2021, Announces Extra Matchup for All 32 Teams • Roger Goodell says the NFL expects to have stadiums at full capacity with fans in the upcoming season • Bruce Arians' stuck to his word this and got a HUGE tattoo to commemorate Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win!!! • ANDRE DRUMOND TO LAKERS • Rumor lebron recruiting Steph Curry • The actor was critical of the NBA star & Durant allegedly wrote, "I swear ima spit in your face when I see your dirty ass." • Scary moment for the Utah Jazz ... the team's plane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff Tuesday after a bird strike • Russell Westbrook's Wife Nina Slams Stephen A. Smith Over Criticism of Her Husband (I don’t know what these niggaz are saying !!! ) ⦁ Pussy on Salt ⦁ Nussy Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down Season 2 Week 29 (top 10 white comedy movies )

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