Succeeding Beyond Your Wildest Fears with Bob Teichart

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In this episode, Phil and Greg interview Bob Teichart, a personal advisor and confidant to business owners, highly compensated salespeople, and senior level managers. He has more than 40 years of experience providing coaching in the areas of leadership, team building, sales growth, and personal productivity to help his clients achieve their goals.

Bob paves the way for leaders to succeed by highlighting the valuable lessons from his book and actionable insights that help them make informed decisions and advance their career goals.


  • -Bob is an accomplished public speaker, author of “Motivator. Teacher. Shrink: How to Attract and Develop Highly Successful Salespeople,” former swimming coach who has coached 34 All-Americans, and Phil’s professional development coach.
  • -During his 40 years of coaching, Bob developed his own playbook, which includes effective sales motivation strategies. He also offers a workshop entitled “Succeeding Beyond Your Wildest Fears.”
  • -Bob coaches his clients to rally their team together to work toward identifying and achieving a common goal.
  • -Bob discusses his inspiration for the book, as well as “The Secret of Change.”
  • -It is essential for executives and business leaders to work with a coach who has mastered effective questioning and listening skills to get to the core of a problem quickly.

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