The School of Cash Flow

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Want to earn more money but too busy to start a side hustle? Having a passive form of income is always a good idea, but you must know how to do it well to thrive and flourish. Join Dale Corpus as he unravels the right way to passive real estate investing on The School of Cash Flow.

The show helps every professional with a hectic daily schedule find gold in passive real estate. Most people have a strong urge to jump into investing but don’t have enough time or courage to do so. While some don’t know where and how to start, others don’t know who to trust. Here on The School of Cash Flow, Dale Corpus provides professional tips that every passive investor must know and understand.

Dale boasts more than 15 years in real estate and finance. He started as a mortgage banker with Fortune 500 companies JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Today, he works full-time in the listing and selling scene. If families want to move to California’s Tri-Valley, Dale's the go-to guy with reliable advice.

With an education in engineering, Dale possesses an analyst attitude that shines when closing deals, negotiating, and helping clients achieve successful transactions. Through this experience, he built many personal connections that foster confidence in every buyer and seller.

Dale brings to the podcast an entrepreneurial mindset and unparalleled understanding of the industry. His strong passion for real estate, particularly its financial and marketing aspects, inspire aspiring passive investor.

In each episode, Dale sits down with syndicators to discuss all the essential topics passive investors must know these days. They explore every strategy, trend, update, and government policy in the most elaborate manner. Different asset classes that investors can take advantage of passively are also explored.

Join Dale in this podcast to hear trustworthy and valuable real estate information. On The School of Cash Flow, you get the opportunity to widen your knowledge about all things investing and make connections.

Accredited investors also find value in this podcast. Those who want to increase their earnings or want to find more ways to make money will discover valuable advice.

Spending hours of effort on a single project does not always equate to higher earning. Putting all your concentration and resources into one hustle is often not the key to success. Sometimes, you need to teach your money to make more money for yourself – even when you're asleep!

Start your transition into a responsible, strategic, and passionate passive real estate investor. There's nothing more gratifying than seeing your own savings doing the financial growth for you. The secrets to achieving lie here on The School of Cash Flow.

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