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Success In 12 Weeks Blueprint. This is my give back for 2020/2021 12 Month Outline for the success in a year blueprint. Check back once per month and be sure you submit your success. We would also like to feature you on an episode to speak about these very topics once per month. With Gratitude! Month 1: GOALS Visualize Your Ideal Life Action Steps Month 2: MOTIVATION Action Steps Month 3: ACCOUNTABILITY Why Accountability Actions Steps Month 4: PERSISTENCE Action Steps Month 5: FACING FEAR What is Fear Action Steps Month 6: ACTING THE PART AS IF... Action Steps Month 7: ASKING FOR THR RIGHT THINGS Action Steps Month 8: TIME MANAGEMENT Action Steps Month 9: COMMUNICATING & PUBLIC SPEAKING Action Steps Month 10: KEEPING SCORE Action Steps Month 11: FINANCES Action Steps Month 12: GIVING BACK Action Steps

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