s2/e40 Understanding Overtraining Syndrome with Jill Colangelo, ALM (@jillcolangelopsych)

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What is Overtraining Syndrome? Psychologist and researcher Jill Colangelo, ALM (@jillcolangelopsych) joins the show this week to talk about this extremely important issue that endurance runners are at risk of when training stress and recovery are out of balance, dangerously so. Learn about Overtraining Syndrome, including...

  • What is Overtraining Syndrome (OTS)? What are some of the signs and symptoms?
  • The recovery timeline for OTS
  • Risk factors for OTS
  • Is exercise addiction real?
  • What happens when we misuse exercise
  • "No, you are not the exception"
  • OTS versus Overreaching
  • Why can some people handle such a high training volume while others cannot?
  • The relationship between mental health and training volume by hours per week

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Jill Colangelo is a writer and researcher who studies the relationship between mental health and ultra-endurance sport. She is actively involved with new research in this area with the University of Bern and writing mental health-focused articles at Triathlete Magazine.


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