The Richard Syrett Show - Sep 30, 2022 - Apologies Needed to Unvaxed, National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, & Steelheads Season Preview

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Kelly Brown from Rubicon Capital says that politicians & the government should apologize to unvaccinated people for shutting them out of work. Tabitha Peters, writer for Rebel News explains how the pandemic caused thousands of people to leave Ontario. Then Chris Geratano, The Sofa Cinefile talks about the film The Outsiders, while the LimRiddler gives you this week’s Riddle.
Hymie Rubenstein & Rodney A. Clifton, professors at the University of Manitoba discuss how the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation is grounded in falsehoods. “Somethings Happening Here” with host of the Greg Carrasco Show, Greg Carrasco. Then Laura Barney, host of The Mississauga Steelheads broadcast on Sauga 960 AM brings up the team and the upcoming OHL season.

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