The Richard Syrett Show - Sep 23, 2022 - Feds Don't Track if Aid goes to Terror Groups, Midterm Election Guide, & Trudeau's Censorship Law

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Today on the Richard Syrett Show: Sheila Gunn Reid, host of “The Gunn Show” for Rebel News on the feds saying they don’t track if foreign aid goes to terror groups. Chris Geratano, The Sofa Cinefile talks about the film “Apocalypse Now”, while the LimRiddler gives you this week’s riddle. Vice president & managing editor for WND, David Kupelian brings up a midterm election guide for voters who love America. “Somethings Happening Here” with host of the Greg Carrasco Show, Greg Carrasco. Then Jay Goldberg, Ontario director at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation discusses how Trudeau’s censorship law will impact you.

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