Questions ANDor Breakfast: Andor Episode 5- The Axe Forgets

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A Star Wars Andor series podcast that asks more questions than it answers: Today we are asking questions on the Andor series Episode 5: The Axe Forgets, which dropped Wednesday October 5th. With me is my trusty co-host Gregory Cass, from @eyeoncanon - The show has works like this, Greg and I will take turns asking questions, questions, mind you, that we have not mentioned to each other before. So there is of course a chance we could take another’s question, in which case you better have some spares. The fun part is often these questions spur some great conversation, and all pressure is off to get the right answer, because, well, that’s why we listen to other podcasts. They get all the hard work. There are no points, bonuses, lighting rounds or phone a friend, but we have we like to call the ‘Greg’s List’ - which is a selection of podcasts and other assorted media we ingested before and after we record to see if they have answered any of our questions and then some. It’s also one of my favorite parts of the show as it highlights just some of the amazing work begin done out there in the community. We hope you check some or all out and maybe find a new content creator you like and want to support. Greg’s list Greg C Project Stardust Ahch-To Radio (With Triad of the Force) Force Center Coffee with Kenobi Star Wars Explained (With Triad of the Force) Greg M Rebel Force Radio Outer Rim Beacon Podcast Making Tracks Show notes to appear on

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