Episode 51: Ape vs. Monster (2021) (Monsters vs. May)

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Joe and Jeff return from an impromptu hiatus because Joe's house was hit by a glitch (it was organic, not reptilian). We take on Ape vs. Monster, a movie that Jeff ended up watching three times because it made such little sense. In this one, we figure out how Ape vs. Monster ties into Planet of the Apes, King Kong vs. Godzilla, time travel, parallel universes, 1990s treats (and not treats), and QAnon! Jeff also has an aneurysm because he has a degree in History, and the person who wrote this... doesn't (to put it delicately).

Ape vs. Monster is on YouTube in a bunch of places, we watched "Giant Ape vs. Giant Monster."

Next week's movie is SHARKTOPUS VS. WHALEWOLF as we have a truncated Monsters vs. May before turning to John Woone. Next week's episode will be recorded on Tuesday due to Jeff's lovely wife's birthday!

Sharktopus vs. Whalewolf was pulled off YouTube but is on Amazon Prime and Tubi!

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