Episode 46: Karate Raider AKA Jungle Wolf III: Karate Commando (1995)

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We told you all we were done with Ron Marchini in March, but like Jesus, He has risen. It felt a little out of place to not finish the Ron Marchini Cinematic Universe, with 1995's Karate Commando. Or is it Karate Raider? Or is it Jungle Wolf III? This movie is impossible to find, and felt impossible to watch. The official credit in the movie is Jungle Wolf III, but he plays an entirely new character (Jake Turner). Nevertheless, let's call this movie by its Christian name: Forgotten Warrior - US Warrior IV: Jungle Wolf III: Return Fire II: Karate Raider AKA Forgotten Warrior - US Warrior IV: Jungle Wolf III: Return Fire II: Karate Commando. This bad boy is on YouTube as Jungle Wolf III: Karate Commando.

The Marchini Primetime players are all back to send Ron Marchini off in style with one last romp through the Philippine jungle. All our friends are here! Chris Ost! Michael E. Bristow! Joe Meyer! A woman who acted in exactly one movie in her entire career! Also a former Batman star and a D-list celebrity just securing the bag!

This movie is 100% part of the Jungle Wolf canon, but somehow Ron Marchini gets away with calling himself Jake Turner and not Steve Parrish. Also, his half-Korean Aryan son is gone. This one is a strange sendoff, but better than Chuck Norris or Steven Seagal just hanging around.

Next week we will be back with 2001's Planet of the Apes, or as Joe and I call it: Marky Mark Planet of the Apes (Cinemax or VOD), to kick off Ape-ril, a month of Joe and Jeff just monkeying around. We will follow that up with 1933's Son of Kong (HBO Max) and the smash hit of the last week or so: Godzilla vs. Kong (2021) (HBO Max)! It'll be nice to be back to movies with budgets, for a change!

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