Episode 34: Samurai Cop (1991) (Deathcember... in January)

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Jeff and Joe get into the last belated episode of Deathcember with 1991's Samurai Cop, starring Matthew Karedas and Robert Z'Dar. In Samurai Cop, Joe Marshall (the titular cop who is a samurai) is brought in to help take down the hated Katana gang, run by Fujiyama (he's the boss). There are lots of butts in this movie, and men's underwear that is somehow smaller than the ladies' underwear. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll marvel at how many horribly inappropriate remarks the police and doctors make in this movie. Samurai Cop is on Tubi and Hoopla.

Next week's movie kicks off Jackie Chanuary with Fantasy Mission Force (1983). This is on YouTube as well as DailyMotion, for free.

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