INTRODUCING My Body Odyssey, a Fluent Knowledge Podcast

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Fluent Knowledge, producers of The Purple Principle (TPP), have a new podcast in the health, wellness and medicine realm, My Body Odyssey (MBO). With TPP staff on summer break, we’re introducing TPP listeners to MBO with our second episode, featuring IronWoman Diane.

Imagine taking on a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile cycle, and then a 26.2 mile run. And in a single day, not a week or a month. Now add the additional challenge of type one diabetes.

“My entire race plan,” Diane tells us, “consisted of a two page spreadsheet on how to manage my blood sugars.”

In addition to completing triathlons, Diane is no stranger to the yoga mat, having practiced for years. Why then does she pass out in yoga class soon after receiving a new insulin pump?

Tune in to find out on this odyssey of the rewards and challenges of exercise with diabetes, featuring Iron Woman Diane and expert commentary from Dr. Michael Riddell of York University.

On The Purple Principle podcast, Fluent Knowledge points the way toward healthier politics. On My Body Odyssey, we’re pointing toward a healthier, more active lifestyle, through one rife with challenges of all kinds.

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Twitter: @mybodyodyssey

Instagram: @mybodyodysseypodcast

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