West Park Park Bench Podcast ep.10 - #EdFringe2022 (04)

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Sit down sit down. Make yourself comfortable. This is episode 10 of the West Park. Park Bench podcast. Just been for a swim. What about you?

But today's podcast, reflection it's easy to fall into that routine of just recounting what the previous week has been about. And yes, Edinburgh Fringe is very much in my mind at the moment. So this will be labelled an EdFringe podcast.

This is episode 10 - EdFringe 04 This podcast is recorded using Otter.AI which generates a transcript. Its not perfect but if you'd like it to help process the audio here is the link


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Contains reflections on Life and Death, Loss and Disappointment, Failure and Success

Ep.01 - Let’s look at the Edinburgh Fringe | Get with the Programme - https://youtu.be/A4LcEWERDNQ

Ep.02 - Let’s look at the Edinburgh Fringe | with Joe Strickland - https://youtu.be/m2XoKCm820o

Elise Harris - What is it now? - What Is It Now? - Thursday August 11Guests - Me and Jem Rowlston

Ep03 - Let's look at the Edinburgh Fringe... with Fi Woof - https://youtu.be/UY0ixpDY1dY

Ep.04 - Let’s look at the Edinburgh Fringe | Producer Chat - with Pat Akoli - https://youtu.be/YmAdoAa-qAM

Ep.05 - Elsewhere, NOT Edinburgh Fringe | Talking Wells Art Contemporary with Dd - Deborah Davies - https://youtu.be/01n-W23JZ_8

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