8. Jordan Gal of CartHook - What Explosive Growth Feels Like

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In this episode, we discuss how Jordan had an eCommerce store making $75k/mo, which gave him a lot of insight into making eCommerce products. He started out with a cart abandonment solution for multiple platforms (I even tried this out for Easy Digital Downloads). He actually avoided integrating with Shopify, but he had an idea to make a checkout that was customizable.
He released an MVP and he was overwhelmed with the response. Jordan talks about how they may have released too early, which reminds me of this post by Jason Cohen about why they don't build MVPs. They are now sunsetting the cart abandonment product because the checkout solution is going so well.
Jordan says Carthook's checkout solution is popular because it brings the customization of ClickFunnels to Shopify. We also discussed how his product is risky, because it's not officially working on Shopify APIs. They are not in the Shopify app store, and technically Shopify could kill their business if they wanted to.

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