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Do you enjoy audiobooks? What about free audiobooks? What about audiobooks with sound effects, background music, that allows you to actually read along?

I’m JK Noble, the author of Hale: The Rise of the Griffins, and I’m so proud to share with you the next chapter of my story in a cool and immersive way! It was my goal to make my stories relatable to all people of all ages. So, while HALE is categorized as a Young Adult Epic Fantasy, you are going to find characters of all kinds, with diverse fantasy backgrounds and looks! It was so much fun making this video, and I can’t wait to complete the full audiobook for you all to enjoy!

Throughout this amazing journey, I was able to showcase a lot of my art. Like my websites that I’ve created, and the map inside, all my character portraits and trading cards, buzzfeed quizzes, videos, and so much more! It ALLL me, and only me. However, my original cover art for Hale: The Rise of the Griffins was altered by a professional cover artist, and I’m absolutely in love with the changes made. While I am very proud of persevering on my own, it’s exciting to work with knowledgeable people, learn from them, and bring the project to the next level.

My publishing journey was anything but easy. I had a book close to 400 pages and no one wants to invest their time with an lengthy book 1 from someone just about to build their platform! And it was my dream to get traditionally published, so I refused to self-publish despite my years of bad luck. So I got down to work and chopped my book to see what would happen. Lo-and-behold, I finally got published!! This did put a strain on my work, however, as I’ve taken between 100 and 200 pages off.

But I have great news… The sequel to HALE: The Rise of the Griffins will come out VERY soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

In terms of my writing style, I am finally free to unleash my potential in the sequel. Even so, I know my writing style will continue to change and develop. When The Rise of the Griffins was first written, I was sixteen. I chucked out my writing and rewrote the story at the age of 21 to get better luck with literary agents. I then completed the revamped version at the age of 22, and finally got published at the age of 24. I am now a proud 25 years old who has learned so much and I’m looking forward to aging like a fine wine. Haha.

This book follows three different main characters, which throws a lot of unsuspecting people off, but their stories are very much intertwined. As the story progresses, readers will see their paths crossing and their journeys intertwining. And yes, expect romance in this upcoming sequel between 3 couples!! Now, you don’t want to read a book that follows 3 sets of characters. But I think GRR Martin beat me on that one with a total of about 250 characters and 50 main characters in “Game of Thrones”. And his work is doing just fine! My whopping 30 characters with 3 protagonists doesn’t stand in comparison.

In Chapter 1, we meet Hale and his sister Carly. They are in poor shape and are shackled in what they assume is a cellar. They’ve been trapped by their kidnapper for months. It seems Carly knows much more about the truth of this situation than she lets on. To top it off, she appears to have telepathic powers!

We met Greon, their abductor, in the Prologue that takes place a thousand years ago. How has he been alive for 1000 years? In the Prologue, we learn that Greon is a cowardly man, but not necessarily an evil one. Why then, has Greon become so violent and horrible? A lot can happen in a thousand years, but what causes people to have a significant and negative change? What is Greon truly fighting for? How does Carly know him? Why doesn’t Hale know him? Why is Carly keeping secrets from Hale? Why is Hale so important? But most importantly, will Carly and Hale make it out alive?

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