S4 Ep23: Paul Heckingbottom on keeping his blades sharp, and Nigel Clough on that incredible turnaround of form at Mansfield!

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They do say it’s a funny old game, but the Christmas and New Year fixture schedule has created a very different type of challenge for many managers this year. Rather than the relentless schedule of match after match in a short period of time, this year covid and injuries have resulted in many being postponed, and then the challenge is keeping the players sharp and on form as Sheffield United’s Paul Heckingbottom explains to Mark Clemmit. Elsewhere at Mansfield Town, Nigel Clough had cause to be fearful of the sack only a couple of months ago after a torrid run of form, before a total turnaround saw his side go on a blistering run of 10 wins in 11 games which have hauled his stags right up the table in Skybet League Two! Cloughie sits down with Clem to explain exactly what happened!

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