The Future of Talent

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Never before has it been as much of a challenge to attract talent into the hospitality industry. Not only operationally back of house and front of house, but also up and down the supply and value chains. It is one of the biggest challenges the sector faces.

Footprint’s objective is as much environmental sustainability as it is social and with Nestlé Professional investing so heavily into future proofing the sector in terms of human resource, this podcast seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities the sector faces and how to navigate them. Our objective is to encourage broader debate on this subject and for this episode's discussion we are joined by the following industry experts:

  • John Holden - Chair & Founder Member of Bridging The Skills Gap; Food & Beverage Lecturer, Cheshire South and West College
  • Julia Jones - Head of B2B Marketing, Nestlé Professional
  • Amanda McDade - National Head of Careers & Education at Springboard
  • Sophie Taylor - Chef de Partie at the Gleneagles Townhouse and 2021 Toque d’Or Front of House Student Winner, 2022 Toque d’Or Front of House Judge
  • Nick Hughes – Associate Editor, Footprint (Chair)

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