Regenerative Farming: The Realities

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In this, the first episode we discuss the in vogue subject of regenerative farming. But what does regenerative farming actually mean? Is it another buzz-phrase in the sustainability landscape? Or is it a concept that we should all be informed and knowledgeable about?
This podcast sets out what regenerative farming actually is; what its implications are up and down supply and value chains; and what it means to the foodservice industry. We explore the right questions to ask and the knowledge gaps that need to be filled in the company of a panel made up of the following food industry experts.

  • Nick Hughes – Associate Editor, Footprint (chair)
  • Cliona Duffy – Head of Commercial Partnerships, RSPCA Assured
  • James Smith – Managing Director, Loddington Farm & Owlet Fruit Juice
  • Robin Sundaram – Responsible Sourcing Manager, Nestlé
  • Lee Truelove – Responsible Sourcing Manager, First Milk

The discussion looks to the future and investigates the onward impacts of regenerative agriculture on the foodservice and hospitality sector and the difference your business can make by embracing the concept.

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