The Launchpad: Lean Into the Uncomfortable w/ Nancy Harris

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Meet Nancy Harris -- Nancy is a passionate leadership development coach specializing in diversity. She hosts a podcast called The Intersection where she discusses all things at the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. She is also an active facilitator, writer, and co-founder of DisruptHR Chicago.

As the founder of Restart Consulting, Nancy helps organizations develop inclusive cultures and leaders. She is determined to dismantle the structures that have held back women and people of color with an approach to change that focuses on embedding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice into every fiber of an organization and coaching leaders to be catalysts for change.

In today’s episode of the Modern Independent, Nancy and IndeCollective's Head of Community, Jan Almasy, unpack some of the key insights Nancy has gleaned over the course of her career in corporate and as an independent.

--> They start by providing insight into how Nancy navigated not one, but four layoffs/sudden career shifts throughout her career.

--> And then they unpack Nancy’s approach to deconstructing a company’s culture and finding ways to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion at every level - from executive leadership to entry-level.

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