What CAN I Eat?! - Drinks Edition

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In this episode, we talk about drinks! We discuss the less than desirable popular drinks consumed in today’s modern culture. Then we share some healthier alternatives as well as strategies for weaning off the extra sugary processed drinks. The conversation also touches on managing drinks outside the home at parties and relatives’ homes.

Note: At the beginning of the show we talked a little bit about Coca-Cola and Corey might have mentioned something about the original recipe containing cocaine…after further research, we realized it was not the whole truth and had a good laugh about our blunder. Here is a fun article on the history of the original Coca-Cola. Oops!

Books Mentioned:

Cancer and the New Biology of Water

Nourishing Traditions

Recipes Mentioned:

Thanksgiving Stuffing with Gizzards

Chicken Salad with Liver (or gizzards)

Bone Broth Hot Chocolate

Other Podcast Mentioned:

The Ancestral Kitchen

Products Mentioned:

LMNT Electrolyte Powder

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