#143 - Quibi Calls It Quits; Telegraph Sub-Editors Return Home; Far-Right Tattoos Sink Woodworking Format

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Olly Mann is joined by radio consultant and director of Creative Media Partners Paul Robinson, editor of Newsweek International Alex Hudson and former Press Association, HuffPost UK and ITV News executive and now the founder of Bird Lime Media, Dawn Kelly.

This week: Is the Daily Telegraph correcting a glaring error by bringing its sub-editors back in house?

Jeffrey Katzenberg throws in the towel on Quibi and ITV sets its sights streaming (again).

Plus, as Twitter fans spot some far-right tattoos that programme makers missed, is it the chop for Sky History’s new woodworking format?

And in the Media Podcast Quiz, we pay tribute to the veteran regional news presenters bidding farewell to the BBC.

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