The Losing Streak - NFL Recap and NCAA Picks for Tuesday 1/31!!

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Welcome to the eighth episode of "The Losing Streak," a sports gambling podcast for those who just can’t seem to win.

Bozo Bill talks about how his gold star bets are ending, and all focus should be on Automatic Austin's locks in college ball. After a loss, he's 8-3 in college picks, and 7-2 ATS. You get to hear our reaction live as his Gold Star Bet from 1/30 crashes and burns, dropping him to 8-3.

He gives you great picks for the 1/31 NCAA Basketball slate. Please let us know if you are tailing us on Twitter.

Hosts: Bozo Bill (@Bankroll_Bill on Twitter) and Automatic Austin (@austinsporcic on Twitter)

Email any questions to the show: Call and leave a message on our voicemail line - 646-494-7185. And if you love our podcast, please leave a 5-star review on your favorite podcast platform of choice.

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Next episode will be released on Friday/Saturday as we look forward to a great day of betting on 2/4, with a huge slate on that Saturday.

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