184 - The Road Ranger—My Business Is Trouble

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We first caught sight of him in a convenience store buying Marlboros and a Coke for the road. He was dressed in a grey jumpsuit, pants tucked into black boots, silver belt buckle and a large black Stetson hat. Out front, his Ford Ranchero pick-up idled in the parking lot, the words “Champion of the Stranded Traveler” emblazoned in gold on the door. We struck up a conversation.

“I go on the road looking for trouble and whenever I find some, I stop.” His voice was deep and resonant, his timing, impeccable. “I suppose that’s why they call me “The Bloodhound of Breakdown. But then, my business is trouble.” He lit a cigarette and handed us his card — “The Road Ranger — Scourge of the Tow Hook and the Long Delay.”

We go out on patrol with The Road Ranger in one of the first stories produced by The Kitchen Sisters.

This bonus episode is part of a special Radiotopia-wide project. This week, shows across the network are releasing episodes on the theme “Making Trouble.” You can learn more and donate to support our work at radiotopia.fm.

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