KGS223 | The 5 Secrets Of A Great Mentor That Every Leader Who Aspires For Success Ought To Learn with Kevin Harris and Kingsley Grant

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There are many things in life worth passing on to those who are behind us. We have a responsibility as leaders in whatever form that takes, to make sure those we are leading are better equipped for the life ahead of them.

But the catch is this: not everyone who is in leadership or has that title is skilled to pass on what is necessary for those following.

The good news is that we all can learn how to do a better job IF we are open to learning what it really takes.

This is what great leaders know, but you can too.

In this episode, our guest - Kevin Harris - helps us understand 5 secrets that a great mentor knows that will help leaders become better positioned to pass on the necessary skills, wisdom, and knowledge to those they lead.



Kevin is President of Radical Mentoring, an intentionally small group mentoring process to help leaders, especially church leaders, engage men, build a core group of leaders, and transform their churches.

Kevin is passionate about being a resource for church leaders that have incorporated small group mentoring into their disciple-making strategy. He and his wife Susan live in Atlanta with their two sons.

Connect with Kevin:


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