KGS200 | Become A More Likable and Effective Leader With These 5 Leadership Lessons From My Podcast Journey by Kingsley Grant

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Life is indeed a journey. Some people's journey seems smoother than others. But no two journeys are alike. Would you agree with that?

One of the journeys I have been on is in the world of podcasting. If you've never done a podcast, you will still be able to relate with these lessons that I've learned over doing years of podcasting.

However, this new shoe - The Kingsley Grant Show - is fairly new in that it was started in March 2019. To have done 200 episodes means is a significant achievement in the world of podcasting.

Normally, a podcast show, following the most-used industry-standard of once-per-week, would have just done a little over 100 episodes in 2 years. Here, I've doubled that in less than two years. To me, that's a heck of achievement with a number of lessons learned.

In this episode, you'll discover 5 Leadership Lessons That will make you a more likable and effective leader within the context you are leading.

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