KGS197 - The Most Important Leadership Skill For Today Summed Up In Two Words That You Wished You Had Learned But Now You Can by Kingsley Grant

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+++ WISH NO MORE +++

Do you ever look back at a period of your life where you wished you knew what you know now or had learned then?

I know I have on several occasions. I realize that I had to let go of that wish-I-had-known-moment because if not, it could lead to feelings of depression.

This is sometimes true when you said or did something and then afterward wished you had not.

What if you knew a skill that could get you different results in almost any situation you find yourself where you have to make a decision?

In today's episode, you will discover a skill that is summed up in two words that will help you in decision making, relationship management, and work performance.

What are they?

You have to listen to this episode to hear them discuss within a context that makes sense. You will also discover a simple way to implement them within your organization/workplace.

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And remember, you are ONE SKILL AWAY...

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