DEBUNKED (PART 3), Using Salt... | Huberman Lab Podcast #63 | HUBERMAN'S UNSCIENTIFIC SOURCES

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In this episode, part 3 of the Huberman salt episode debunking, we dive deeper into the sources that Huberman uses and why they are not considered legitimate by scientists. As we saw in parts 1 and 2 (and will see in subsequent parts in more detail), Huberman seems to draw from the LMNT website to make his scientific case. In this part, we examine his previous invocation of Gary Taubes and why Taubes’s case is no longer plausible or legitimate in the wake of new scientific evidence. We also examine James DiNicolantonio, DiNicolantonio recent co-authorship of a book with Joseph Mercola (who recently received serious legal threats from the Biden administration), and the comprehensive, systematic, scathing dissection of DiNicolantonio’s book by Red Pen Reviews. We conclude with a brief overview of the latest randomized controlled evidence supporting the causal link between high sodium intake, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease, as well as the clear and demonstrated benefit of substituting potassium for sodium for preventing cardiovascular disease and death.


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