300 Amy Nelson: Founder & Co-CEO of The Riveter

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Founding a company is never an easy journey. Especially when you are running a company that is in an industry so squarely affected by the pandemic. But that didn’t stop Amy Nelson, Founder and Co-CEO of The Riveter from doing what all great entrepreneurs do – they figure out what they CAN do. Amy launched The Riveter, a coworking, content and community for working women, in 2017 and on today’s episode she shares the ups and downs that she has experienced in building it. She also talks about how she pivoted during the pandemic and where The Riveter is today. Amy is also the co-host of iHeartRadio's What's Her Story with Sam Ettus, which I was fortunate to be a guest on. Thrilled for you to hear our discussion including the unpredictable, challenging and recently very public personal situation she and her family has weathered. This episode really shows Amy’s resilience and I hope you will agree. You don’t want to miss this incredible episode. Today on #TheKaraGoldinShow.

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