207 Farah Nanji: Founder & CEO of Regents Racing

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“The world would be a better place if people knew their purpose and had the opportunity to go after it.”

How can our passions become our purpose? Our guest today teaches us how. Farah Nanji is the founder and CEO of Regents Racing, a company exploring how the psychology of motorsport can impact leadership. Farah shares how she pivoted from her Formula 1 car racing dreams into entrepreneurship and deejaying. She shows us how she found her company through recognizing her passions. And helps us think about how we can all do the same! Listen to this terrific episode of #TheKaraGoldinShow now!

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List of links to resources mentioned in episode, suggested reading & social media handles:

Farah’s Podcast Mission Makers: https://www.mission-makers.com/

Farah’s Company Regents Racing: https://www.regents-racing.com/

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