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Most successful entrepreneurs forget the people that helped, and the tactics they used to become successful. But Kara Goldin, CEO, and founder of Hint has an incredible recall, sharing the good and bad of her journey to become a quarter-billion-dollar brand. She also has an inspiring answer to the question: "is it hard raising money as a woman?" Goldin started her entrepreneurial journey simply by asking clever questions as a waitress in Scottsdale, Arizona. She ended up being a sought-after salesperson by top tech companies but decided to sell water instead.

Hear her story on why a Coca-Cola executive calling her "sweetie" motivated her to take over the industry and eat into his profits. Also discover how she figured out calling people directly gets big results, the barriers we build in front of ourselves, and how to handle recurring sacrifices.

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Don't call Kara Goldin, CEO, and founder of Hint "sweetie." The Justin Brady Show

Kara Goldin Founder and CEO of Hint tells entrepreneurs to not make excuses.

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