293. Julian Assange: Free Speech Martyr? Featuring Stella Assange

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Stella Assange and Dr Jordan B Peterson discuss the freedom of information, the age of journalism on the internet, and the foremost political prisoner in the west: Julian Assange.

Stella Assange is a lawyer with a degree in law and politics from the SOAS University in London, an MSC in refugee law from Oxford, and a masters degree in public International law from Madrid. Her husband, Julian Assange, is somewhat infamous not only for founding Wikileaks, but for publishing classified government documents that lead to his unlawful imprisonment. Today, Stella leads the charge for his freedom and for the freedom of information.


For Stella Assange:


For US/Canada: https://assangedefense.org/take-action/

For UK viewers: https://dontextraditeassange.com/take-action/

The Trial of Julian Assange: A Story of Persecution by Nils Melzer https://www.amazon.com/Trial-Julian-Assange-Story-Persecution/dp/1839766220/


(0:00) Coming up

(1:04) Intro

(7:30) 750 thousand pages of trouble

(15:14) Incautious journalism

(24:32) Sexual misconduct allegations

(38:37) The Ecuadorian embassy

(47:26) The US enters the fold, fault 7

(58:28) Has the US prosecution achieved their goals?

(1:04:05) Moving the goal post, 17 charges

(1:12:45) Why the battle cannot be waged in a US court

(1:22:13) The constitutionality of the espionage act

(1:27:50) What this means going forward

(1:37:41) To stand one's ground


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